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On great public demand

On great public demand releasing all over Pakistan, “The return of phoolan devi, Directed by Condi Rice, Scripted in London & Produced by GHQ, Character Actress: BB (Benazir Bhutto), Character Actor:Musharraf Supporting Actor:Fazal urf Maulana Diesel. Characterless Actors:Chaudhries & Lagharie, Dancer: Sherry, Music: MQM & Action sponsored by Al-Qayaida

Reality of our country

Reality Of Our Country Most Of The First Class Passed Student’s Get Technical Seats Some Become Doctors & Some Become Engineers. The Second Class Passed Students Pass MBA & Become Administrator & Control The 1st Class. The Third Class Passed Students Enter Inn To Politics & Become Minister & Control Both. Last But Not Least […]