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Love is all in fire and yet freezing

.Love is all in fire and yet freezing, Love is much in wining, but is more in loosing, Love is ever sick and yet is never dying, Love is ever true and yet is ever lying, Love does death in liking and is mad in loathing, Love indeed is everything, yet indeed is nothing.  

The Journey of LIFE is traveled only once! So, Make TAUBA for Past, SHUKR for Present & DUA for the Future Because Dua is the Only Element that Changes TAQDEER….

Some of the best moments in life

Some of the best moments in life:- Lying in bed listening to the rain outside… Thinking about the person you love… A long drive on a calm road… Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it… Giggling over silly jokes… Holding hands with a friend… Getting a hug from someone who loves […]